a fond farewell to exeter

So, after three years, nine semesters, and more deadlines than we’d care to remember, for us third years the university experience is almost over. But before we pack up our belongings, burn our course notes and throw our graduation hats in the air, we’ve got a few weeks of studenthood left, and we should really make the most of them…

This beautiful little city has seen us through the good times and the bad so appreciate your last moments with it. Visit Exeter’s most well loved establishments: eat at Boston Tea Party, have a Firehouse pizza (there is nowhere else that you can eat so well in the company of a stuffed crow), visit Book Cycle and shop at the Real McCoy. To feel like a proper Devonian, you should probably treat yourself to a cream tea and drink a pint or two of cider as well.

Conform to the Exeter stereotype and spend one full day on campus. Mooch around campus in flip flops and your pyjama bottoms. Though it is unrecognisable from the university that welcomed us as timid freshers three years ago it will always have a special place in our hearts, forum project and all. While you are there, visit the Guild Shop. If you’ve been secretly eyeing up a pair of Exeter flip-flops or a frisbee, give in. If you don’t do it now you never will.

Go to Arena as many times as you can bear. Where else can you dance like an idiot, scream along to Buck Rogers and publically strip to the Baywatch theme tune? I know it’s small, a little bit smelly, and unreasonably expensive past 11pm, but, trust me, you’ll miss it when it’s gone.

While you are at it, take a final trip to the Lemmy. It’s even worse and for some inexplicable reason most nights spent within its echoey walls end in tears, but it’s our student “night club” and we should try and love it in spite of its flaws.

Have a school themed night out. I’m pretty sure dressing up as a school girl is no longer acceptable outside the protective walls of university.

Crack out your student card. After the 22nd of July we’ll have to relinquish our student discount so if you think about it, spending the rest of your overdraft  in Topshop is really just good sense!

Get horrifically drunk on Sunday night. Once we start working 9-5s (well, we can dream), Sunday night booze ups are a no-no.

Embrace your cravings. If you fancy eating cheese and nutella on toast for your dinner, don’t worry. Yes it is disgusting… but your housemates won’t judge you half as much as your parents will.

Fight the urge to clean the bathroom. It’s okay. We students are supposed to live in our own filth and there will come a time in the all too near future when keeping your slowly moulding tea cups beside the toilet is frowned upon. Similarly, when it comes to washing up, from now until we graduate, rinsing is just fine.

Published in Exeposè, The University of Exeter’s student newspaper, on June 6th 2011. 


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