do you have a favourite?

With the tag line ‘Do you love a book so much you want everyone to read it?’, last Saturday’s World Book Night got me thinking. Are there any books that you love so much you want everyone else to read them?

As an English Literature student, it is worrying that it hasn’t happened to me in a while. Most of the books that I loved before uni have been picked apart in seminars and now mean something completely different to me. Now, on the odd occasion that I actually love a book, I’m strangely possessive over it.

Emma suggested earlier that when you really truly love a book you want to keep it to yourself in case other people spoil it by not liking it as much. So maybe I keep the books I love to myself for sentimental reasons…or maybe I’m just a selfish and horrible person. I guess we will never know!

Either way, I thought I’d risk it and share my favourite book with you all. If you read it and don’t like it though…please don’t tell me.

I love Dodie Smith’s novel, I Capture the Castle. Tenderly narrated by Cassandra, the daughter of an eccentric and occasionally violent genius suffering from writers block, I Capture the Castle paints a rose-tinted picture of 1930′s rural England. The bittersweet coming-of-age tale is set in a tumbledown castle (with a suitably romantic moat) where, alongside her father, Cassandra lives with her frustrated sister Rose, her step mother (who has a penchant for getting naked in the rain), her little brother, and a desperately good looking gardener.

Nostalgic, wonderfully written, and littered with endearing characters, Smith’s novel leaves you longing for a tea-dress clad, poverty-stricken life in a freezing cold castle.

Published on on March 8th 2011.

“Cosy, comforting and heartwarmingly romantic,  I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith captures everything I love about England – from Cassie’s wonderfully eccentric family to their beautiful crumbling castle.”

Published in The University of Exeter’s student newspaper, Exepose, on March 9th 2009.



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